How to Measure Finance Strength of Online Banking Companies

A good and decent company abides by set objectives and fulfills these objectives to promote growth and progress. Measurable company KPI’s should complement these objectives to maintain integrity while in the process of realizing the said objectives. The question of integrity will always be there since there is more than one way to achieve an objective. Unfortunately, some of the ways can be tagged as unethical to common business standards, thus, the issue with integrity. Methods, like how to measure finance, can be intervened. Results can be tampered just to show a solid intra-company economy, despite the fact that the company is suffering losses.Now, why would a company do that? The answer is simple. A revealed weakened state does not attract investors at all. On the contrary, investors flee at the first sight of heavy loss. Putting it at a more understandable perspective: Would you pour precious water into a leaking container? If you are aware that the container has a leak and you deem your water precious, pouring it in would just mean you are wasting your water, and you are very well aware of the process. It makes sense when placed into this context. Or, does it? Either way, investors will never waste their money on something that could mean a sure loss on their part when it comes to ROI or returns on their investments.The strength of online banking companies is evident at a distance. Even if you have not been to their webpages or have not read some of their company background, the people they have done business with can pretty much mirror what they really are. Satisfied customers are walking ads for these online banking companies. So, this is one way of measuring their finance strength, through people they have done business with.Online finance companies, more or less, revolve around these two common objectives: customer acquisition and minimized interactions cost. For sure, both objectives are easy to understand. For customer acquisition, it simply means the accumulation of customers to do business with. As for minimized interactions cost, it means that the company will keep expense at a minimum for every interaction done between them and their customers. Since there is mention of KPIs indirectly affecting a company’s ways in achieving company goals or objectives, it will be wise to determine specifically what these are.Customer acquisition has a separate set of KPIs; these are account sign-up, addition of new accounts, application downloads (since the company is online), pre-approvals (for new accounts opened), and locating an agent. High marks on these measured KPIs ensure the accomplishment of the customer acquisition objective. The KPIs for the second objective, on the other hand, are as follows: average cost/interaction, self-service visits, response (email, calls, etc.), and web percentage of customer interactions.Summing up, the two ways on how to measure finance strength of an online banking company are through the people the company has done business with and the strict compliance to the KPIs the company follows to achieve their objectives. Fulfilling these two and observing integrity every step of the way will not need a cover up of losses since a company will never experience loss after it accomplishes its objectives without cheating through them.

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